Key Media launches new research and insights platform

Global boutique media company Key Media is excited to announce the launch of their new content insights platform - KEY INTELLIGENCE. Known for its industry-leading publications, websites and events across niche verticals such as wealth, insurance, HR, mortgage, property and legal, Key Media engages daily with audiences that have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Now through KEY INTELLIGENCE platform, Key Media can tap into this source of information and develop strategic insights and thought leadership content opportunities for its commercial partners.

Key Media’s Global Head of Research & Insights, Raj Kuchibhatla is championing this effort and sees this tool as paramount to client marketing strategies:

“Our clients are constantly looking for a competitive advantage. We already engage with their customers on a daily basis and have earned their trust. Now we have the ability to gather the insights necessary to educate the industry and make a more compelling case for our clients’ brand value,” he says. 

Key Media’s verticals are dynamic and their landscapes are being impacted by myriad stakeholders. Clients are making critical marketing and engagement decisions based on this constantly evolving environment. The KEY INTELLIGENCE platform will provide the resource needed to navigate these complex industries.

To learn more about KEY INTELLIGENCE, please contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..