Insurance Business America

Insurance Business America is the country’s leading business magazine for today’s sophisticated commercial insurance broker/agent. Insurance Business America engages the decision-makers who matter by publishing an industry-standard magazine that supports both the business and best-practice requirements of today’s commercial broker.

Mailed directly to 19,128 brokers/agents that offer commercial lines exclusively, or as part of their client offering every second month, Insurance Business America focuses on providing practical and accessible advice tailored to the needs of these professionals. The insurance industry is constantly changing due to regulation, consumer behaviors and significant macro events; therefore it’s now more important than ever that professionals are kept up to speed with industry developments and the latest business techniques to handle these changes.

Insurance Business America is a key business resource that professional brokers/agents turn to for in-depth industry issues, news and news analysis, market trends, business analysis and intelligence. It tackles the issues not covered by other publications, reporting on companies that shape the industry, and providing analysis that can’t be found in the mainstream media. Insurance Business America is packed with the latest in business best practice in areas such as:

• business strategy
• sales and service marketing
• leadership & communication
• human resource management
• training and development
• information technology. 

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