Learning & Development Professional

Learning & Development Professional (LDP) is the only dedicated website for Learning & Development professionals in the Asia Pacific region.
Delivered exclusively online, LDP provides a real-time web service that keeps industry professionals up to date with the latest trends, opinions, and expert analysis affecting their careers, businesses, and the industry as a whole.  LDP provides a regular e-newsletter service, delivered to inboxes around the APAC region, covering need-to-know developments in areas such as change management, e-learning, m-learning, technology, training, coaching, psychology of learning, mentoring and much more.
An online industry hub, LDP offers fresh and informative multimedia content, practical articles and opinion, a popular industry forum for online discussion and debate, and industry-specific research and reports.
LDP is more than just another news service; its vision is to engage with the industry’s grassroots – the Learning & Development professionals themselves – to gain unprecedented insights from key practitioners on the developments and trends of an increasingly important function with businesses today.

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